About POP Displays made by Lingo Manufacturing
Bottom Line - Lingo helps you move more product off your display!

Lingo Manufacturing Company, Inc. has been creating award winning, Custom Designed Permanent Point-of-Purchase displays for over 80 years. Lingo is constantly striving to remain abreast of the changes in the industry. We are a member of several industry associations including: The In-Store Marketing Institute, Point of Purchasing Advertising International (POPAI), the National Association of Store Manufacturers (NASFM) and the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM).

Lingo Manufacturing is not an advertising agency, marketing firm, buying group or design house. Lingo is a full service Designer and Manufacturer of Custom Permanent Point-of-Purchase Displays.

We believe Lingo produces the best quality Custom Point-of-Purchase Displays at the most competitive prices for brand marketers and retailers. Using the latest technology, Lingo strives to produce the highest quality custom products possible. In-house design, engineering, estimating, prototyping, manufacturing, painting, assembly, packing, bulk shipping, drop shipping and warehousing are what makes Lingo one of the top award winning P.O.P. companies in the country.

Superior quality and outstanding customer service are what Lingo was built on 80 years ago. Our top-notch Quality Control staff constantly runs new and existing orders through rigorous tests. These tests are derived from the elements these displays must endure in a retail environment. Our Q.C. staff closely monitors each operation every order runs through during the manufacturing process. From regular inspections of machine set-ups to randomly spot-checking parts, Lingo makes every effort to ensure your display goes together quickly and smoothly in the field.

Our Account Representatives are experts when it comes to displays. They are also great listeners and educators for many of our clients. They have the ability to hear what your needs are, and to advise you to the current trends and specifications at retail. If you have an upcoming meeting with a prospective retailer and need some help selling in your displays, our Account Representatives will be happy to meet with you and the retailer at any location. Our Customer Service Representatives are some of the most knowledgeable personnel in the P.O.P. industry. Whether they are tracking your project, order or shipment, you are guaranteed to get the answer quickly and correctly the first time. Lingo also has continuing educational programs and seminars throughout the year to help our team remain the resident experts in the P.O.P. industry.


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