Displays Capabilities | Lingo Manufacturing


  • Assembly

    You have all the pieces, but putting them together can be time consuming and costly. We can help. Our Assembly technicians ensure that your display will be assembled correctly so that it can have an immediate impact in attracting new customers to your product.

  • Finishing

    Our finishing department offers both wet paint, and powder coating. This enables us to provide a limitless combination of colors and textures to improve the appearance and durability of your display.

  • Fulfillment

    Allow Lingo to save your company time and money. With our high-cubed storage facility attached right to our plant, we bulk and drop ship anything to anywhere in the country, and currently ship 100-200 displays daily! Combine this service with our sophisticated inventory management software, and your company can let Lingo take care of the shipping details so that you can take care of increasing your company's sales.



Lingo utilizes a variety of Computer Numerical Controlled(CNC) machines in our manufacturing and prototyping facility. We have several turret presses, shearers, brake presses, and coil fed stamping machines as part of our manufacturing line. CNC machines are just one of the many ways Lingo is committed to improving our plant's efficiency, which translates into shorter lead times and lower cost to our customers.

Our numerous machines are constantly maintained and serviced regularly. By doing this, Lingo almost eliminates any machine problems so we can meet or even exceed your project's lead time.

Our top of the line tube bending and wire fabricating department includes: coil fed CNC straighteners, cutters, tube benders, wire benders, multi-head grid and mig welders.