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  • Amstel Light Fridge Pack

    One of the major problems with fridge pack packages is their oblong shape makes them difficult to stack and merchandise. Heineken / Amstel approached Lingo to tackle this issue in a fun and creative way, while also drawing attention to their new packaging. Lingo accomplished these goals by designing a refrigerator shaped display with a small footprint and large packout.

    Due to the uniqueness of the display, all of the product can be stacked the same direction and is then supported by the display. It can be used as a one-sided display against a wall or end of the aisle, or a two-sided display in an aisle blocker configuration. This design also breaks down small enough so field reps can transport the displays to the stores in their personal vehicles.

    Display Materials

    The display is manufactured with tubular steel uprights, tubular feet and steel shelves all powder coated silver, with digital direct to substrate four-color refrigerator graphics.

  • Aquafina Endcap

    Pepsi was frustrated with one of their display vendors when they gave Lingo a call. We had worked with Pepsi on several other display projects, so they gave us a shot at redesigning their Aquafina Endcap and they loved our designs.

    This display is produced with roll-formed side shelves, C.N.C. steel formed center shelves, steel uprights, wire supports, styrene digital top headers, and front graphic panels to help dress the display up.

    Lingo was able to create a design that was not only more cost effective, but had a larger pack out while also being far more attractive than their previous endcaps. As a bonus, we were able to beat Pepsi’s required lead times and the endcaps hit the stores even earlier than promised.

    The stores actually liked the display so well, that Lingo has now been contracted by several retailers to design and produce their own specialty display items directly for them.

    Display Materials

    Roll-formed side shelves, C.N.C. steel formed center shelves, steel uprights, wire supports, styrene digital top headers, and front graphic panels.

  • Callaway Golf Putter Display

    Callaway needed an upscale, eye-catching display for pro shops and mass retailers. Our designers did some market research and this is what they came up with. This display can be used as a single-sided merchandiser or placed back to back with another unit to turn it into a two-sided island display.

    Display Materials

    Black textured powder coat finished mandrel bent tubular steel uprights, turret punched steel Endpanels / sign channels, laser cut steel “Club Holders”, wooden, “T” molded base with black finished wire guard, die cut, four-color process printed header and side graphic panels.

  • Produce Section Display

    Coke was in need of a new display idea that combined a rustic theme with family time for the produce sections in super markets. They also wanted to try to combine fruits or vegetables with the display, as well as an all natural look and feel, so it looked like the display belonged in this area of the stores.

    Display Materials

    Lingo presented a small footprint, but large pack out design that incorporated barn wood side panels, and a black rustic textured powder coat for the finish. Lingo also capitalized upon Cokes new one liter three pack packaging which allowed for a creative, eye-catching product hanging design. Last but not least, just as all of us at one time or another have squeezed a lemon or lime in our coke, we were able to tie lemons and limes into the display which were merchandised in a wire “coke bottle” shaped basket.

  • Conagra Meal Idea Display

    ConAgra, Safeway and Lingo teamed up and produced a “Meal Solution” display which is located next to Safeway’s meat coolers.

    For example, if the meat cooler merchandised hotdogs; then buns, ketchup, mustard, chili, and relish would be available for purchase on the “Meal Solution” display. The idea is to create impulse purchases, while also making the shopping experience more simple and convenient. They plan to have several different meal solution offerings over the course of the promotion.

    Display Materials

    Rolled tubular steel uprights, louvered steel side panels, roll-formed steel adjustable shelves, powder coated black rust, hardboard backs, and full color digital side panel graphics.

  • Frito Lay Island Merchandiser

    This design enables Frito Lay to merchandise several different products all on the same display. Bold graphic side panels really grab the consumer’s attention, and they are also interchangeable to allow seasonal messages to be inserted. This display was designed to merchandise bulk product and single product utilizing a coil fed tray to push product right to the consumer.

    Display Materials

    Adjustable steel shelves, adjustable wire/steel side shelves, tubular uprights, color injection molded gravity feed “Single Snack” trays, tubular header support, four-color process printed header sign, four-color process printed styrene side graphic panels, white painted shelves, yellow and red painted tube.

  • Gatorade Destination Center

    Known as the "GDC Display" for short, Gatorade approached Lingo with several display needs. They needed an attractive wrap around endcap with a very large product capacity, and it needed to incorporate a large cold box in the center. Angled graphic panels were added to give the display a more finished, "Refreshment Center" feel.

    Display Materials

    Steel uprights, steel header, adjustable steel side pan shelves with tag molding, adjustable gravity feed steel center shelves with tag molding, four color process printed headers signs, and front angled graphic panels.

  • Ice Mountain C-Store Mobile Merchandiser

    Designed along the same lines as the Ozarka C-Store display, this was another design we created with permanence, mobility and low budget in mind. This display can actually be packed with product in the back room and then wheeled out to the store floor.

    Display Materials

    Tubular steel frame, "dolly-style" wheels, adjustable steel shelves with wire supports, four-color process top sign, finished white.

  • Keebler Single Serve Island

    Keebler called Lingo requesting a display for their single-snack/single-serve products. Not only do the gravity feed shelves continuously keep the product at the consumer's fingertips, the display's design also tilts the product forward so it is easily viewed by shoppers.

    Display Materials

    “Keebler” red finished steel uprights, base and substructure, white finished adjustable, gravity feed steel shelves with red wire stops, four-color process printed price channel strips, top header and side graphic panels, three spot color silk-screened “Keebler Logo” back panels.

  • Krispy Kreme 4' x 4' Display

    Krispy Kreme Doughnuts was working with Wal-Mart to get doughnuts into their stores. WalMart requested a 4’ x 4’ type display be used to place doughnuts in the stores. Having seen one of our other displays, Krispy Kreme gave us a call. We developed this four-sided, 4’ x 4’ display with side panel graphics for extra “pop” and a bottom level “Kicker Panel” with more branding. The entire display was finished in Krispy Kreme Green.

    Display Materials

    Steel shelves, steel substructure, uprights, kickplates, sign panels, and top cap. Hardboard backpanels and styrene side panel signs and screened “Kicker Panels”.

  • Little Debbie Caddie Merchandiser

    This display is designed to hold corrugated caddies for merchandising big packs. It has four gravity feed wire shelves and one flat base shelf on a tube frame with casters. Two side panel graphics and header sign set. Ease of re-stocking and view of product makes this unit a popular item to distributors and store managers. Shipped partially assembled for five minute set up.

    Display Materials

    Wire and tube structure, powder coated red on four casters. Styrene graphic panels and header sign.

  • McCormick In-Line Spice Display

    Visit almost any grocery in the country and you will find this display. It is a very simple, yet very functional display, where the shelves can be in a flat position or at various gravity feed positions.

    Display Materials

    Adjustable gravity feed steel “roll-formed” shelves with wire dividers, steel side panels and sign channel, four-color spot silk-screened header on red styrene. Display is finished light brown.

  • Miller Brewing Shelf Dress Up Kit

    Miller approached Lingo in need of a merchandising solution for the cold case area in liquor stores. This area is always disorganized, always confusing, and very hard to locate the product you would like to purchase. After engaging consumers, and store managers for their input, Lingo created the “Shelf Dress Up Kit” solution. These “Retro Fit Kits” will fit a variety of store shelving, and can be used in multiple locations throughout the cold case area. The dress up kits are manufactured with C.N.C. bent wire, roll-formed steel shelves, and steel brackets for logo wing attachment, then all powder coated silver. Lingo even took this idea a step further by designing these kits to also fit standard store shelving.

    Display Materials

    CNC bent sire, roll-formed steel shelves, steel brackes for logo wing attachment, silver powder coat finish.

  • Diet Pepsi Tree

    Pepsi approached Lingo to develop a unique display to merchandise two-liter bottles for the very cramped floor space of convenience stores. Lingo's designers put their heads together and created a display that could pack-out bottles going up instead of out.

    The bottles themselves drove the design, as they can hang from the bottle necks creating somewhat of a Two-Liter Tree display. Our designers were able to utilize our new powder coated wood technology which gave them virtually unlimited design options, and an inexpensive alternative to other materials.

    Display Materials

    This display is manufactured out of CNC routed medium-density fiberboard (MDF) powder coated gloss white. The "slide together" design allows the display be assembled quickly, and breaks down easily to fit in the back seat of any vehicle for easy transport.

  • Perrier One Liter Bottle Display

    For the nationwide launch of Perrier's new one-liter bottle, they needed a display which would leave no doubts in the consumer's minds that this was something new. Lingo's designers created this display which totally emmulates their new bottle shape, color and graphics. The adjustable shelves were dressed up by adding the CNC wire bent product fences, and the well known circular Perrier logo. The shelves were actually engineered to not only mechandise the new one-liter bottles, but also with the abiltity to fit a variety of their other products.

    Display MAterials

    CNC routed hardboard custom finished back, tubular steel uprights and structural supports, slotted steel uprights for stability and adjustability, CNC turret punched shelves, CNC wire bent fences with circular laser cut shelf disks for the Perrier logo. The entire display was custom finished to match Perrier's now famous colors.

  • Poland Springs Crate Display

    Nestle' wanted a rustic looking display using crates as shelves, similar to the ones used to deliver water to customers years ago. Product branding was actually burned into the wooden crates and a four-color sign was added to the top of the display. This display can be used by all eight brands of spring water owned by Nestle'.

    Display Materials

    Ridge black powder coated square tubular steel header and feet components, steel "slide in" side channels, real solid wood custom stained, custom made crate shelves with logo "branded" into the wood, real solid wood custom stained, custom made "Barn Wood" style side panels and header board, rust powder coated wire guards, and four-color process styrene top sign.

  • Skechers Tri-Mobil Display

    Skechers is always looking for fresh and exciting designs. This is one of the many innovative displays Lingo has designed for them. This display has a very small footprint, yet due to the three-sided design, it actually holds quite a lot of product. The addition of casters gives this display the mobility and flexibility to move anywhere in the store.

    Display Materials

    Black powder coated tubular uprights and feet, lockable casters, chrome plated wire "Shoe Shelves", and interchangeable four-color process printed hardboard graphic panels.

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