Custom Display Designs | Lingo Manufacturing

  • Lingo's Industrial Design team utilizes the latest in both 3d and 2d applications: 3d StudioMax Design, Inventor Suite, and Adobe Creative Suite helps us create high quality presentations for our customers.
  • Utilizing web conferencing, we are able to present and collaborate with all parties involved with the project.
  • Upon Request we can provide a fully interactive 3d model utilizing Adobe Flash, viewable in any web browser.

Our Process

When you come to Lingo with just a spark of an idea, and an initiative for a project; Our professional Design and Engineering team will help create a custom digital prototype specific to your needs. Utilizing cutting edge software technologies from Autodesk, we can create a fully realized 3d model of your future display.

Once the concept of the display is realized, our Engineering team takes the renderings to find a Solution. Working closely with our purchasing department, our Engineers find the most cost effective solutions to keep the project on budget.

With a Solution in hand, the project is ready for production.