Custom Displays Fulfillment | Lingo Manufacturing

Customer Service

Lingo's knowledgeable account managers and customer service representatives are second to none in the display industry! Our friendly customer service personnel can help track your orders, shipments or even explain how to assemble one of our displays over the phone if necessary.

Accounts Receivable

Utilizing the latest in accounting software, we are able to provide detailed and transparent billing information. Our invoices are always easy to understand.


Our 40,000 square foot high cubed storage facility can save you money by storing and shipping your displays from Lingo. Our sophisticated inventory management software combined with our superior customer service guarantees your display gets to the right place on time.


Located in Cincinnati, Ohio - Lingo is a strategic hub for any shipment nationwide. We offer same day drop shipping, bulk shipping, and logistics management.


Having the right information at the right time is a key component to any successful POP campaign. Our advanced reporting engine can provide you with the necessary metrics over fax or email.

Incoming Orders

Since all orders are custom, most incoming orders will be handled by one of our knowledgable sales engineers. If you need replacement parts or want to run a repeat campaign, full records of your previous order are stored electronically and ready for a fast turn-around in production.