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Lingo not only designs and manufactures 100% custom award winning displays, we also do what we can to help our environment in the process.

Nearly 100% of the components Lingo utilizes while producing your displays are from recycled materials. Our steel, wire, tube, corrugated, plastics and powder all come from recycled sources. Once your order has been completed,Lingo also then recycles the excess materials from your production run. As a matter of fact, the displays we design and manufacture are recyclable themselves.

Here at Lingo we’ve taken “Being Green” seriously. We’ve gone nearly paperless with the help of e-mails and file sharing. We have reduced our corrugated consumption by eliminating unnecessary packaging through better, more customized display package design. Lingo also promotes teleconferencing over air or automobile travel to help reduce green house gas emissions.

Lingo has taken “Being Green” one step further by purchasing “BeGreen Carbon Offsets ” to help reduce our carbon footprint. “Carbon Offset” proceeds are utilized for further exploration of old and new energy sources.

  • Recycling steel and tin cans saves 74% of the energy used to produce them.
  • Americans use 100 million tin and steel cans every day.
  • Americans throw out enough iron and steel to supply all the nation’s automakers on a continuous basis.
  • A steel mill using recycled scrap reduces related water pollution, air pollution and mining wastes by about 70%.

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