Display Solutions | Lingo Manufacturing Custom Designed Permanent Displays
  • Free Standing

    Free Standing display units are dedicated point of purchase displays which retailers will place in-store to increase your product visability. These displays can be constructed from any combination of materials (sheet metal, wood, plastic, or acrylic), and are built to last.

  • Countertop

    Countertop display units are a great way to create an attention grabbing display to promote brand awareness. Often near the checkout areas of the store, these are fantastic for last second convenience items.

  • Endcap

    Endcap displays are larger displays that are found at the end of an isle of a store. These are normally the largest displays, so a lot of product can be stocked on the shelves. Often times endcaps have the highest visability in-store.

  • In-Line

    In-Line displays utilize the shelving units already available in the store, and add some flare. The extra signage helps promote brand awareness at a low cost.

  • Pallet

    Often used for heavier items, the bottom of pallet displays have the design of a pallet skid for easy movement with a forklift. This offers great store mobility for heavier products, and can provide an for a very attractive point of purchase campaign.

  • Specialty

    Not quite sure what your campaign calls for? We can work with you to think outside the box and create a custom type of display that will help you fulfill your project goals.