Display Partner Testimonials | Lingo Manufacturing Custom Designed Permanent Displays

  • "There is always a sense of uncertainty working with a new supplier. However, my concerns were put to rest after the initial contact with Lingo. I had a very late, complicated, and unique display that had specific requirements and engineering 'challenges.' Everyone at Lingo immediately responded to my dilemma and in a very short period of time, Lingo's account team traveled to Milwaukee, reviewed my project and came back with several terrific options, pricing and recommendations to make an even better display than originally discussed. It was a flawless process from the initial contact, to their on-time delivery of the final product. Lingo was very professional, helpful, and informative with each step of the process and I always knew the status of my project.

    It is a pleasure working with Lingo and their knowledgeable staff and dedication to customer service. As a result of subsequent projects done by Lingo and the Miller Brewing Company, all with equal success, Lingo has secured a spot as a preferred manufacturer. I am very pleased with the partnership between Lingo and Miller Brewing, and have recommended them to others with display needs."

  • Sandra M. Gallo
    Corporate Procurement
    Miller Coors

  • "Lingo has been a Lifesaver for us in Southern California! We needed a unique rack developed to help drive our Energy drinks.

    Lingo came up with our Zig Zag rack, which has been very beneficial in getting our product lines executed. Lingo was part of our First Annual Perm Merch Showcase, which was very successful in allowing our key suppliers to show their racks in person to our key players. We have a great relationship with the account team at Lingo, who are always willing to go above and beyond to get what we need in a timely manner. I consider Lingo a very strong partner with Pepsi Bottling Group in So Cal - Thanks for all You Do!"

    Robin Garrity
    POP/Perm Merch. Manager
    So. Cal. Business Unit
    Pepsi Bottling Group

  • "Lingo's Account Managers have always been very responsive, yielded extremely good customer service and resolution in any problems we encountered or any service we needed."

    Dwayne Miller
    Krispy Kreme Doughnuts
  • "We consider Lingo to be one of the top P.O.P. Display designer / manufacturers in the industry. From the first interaction with their knowledgeable and personable account managers, the design, engineering, prototype stages, and on through production and roll out, Lingo makes it an effortless process, and allows Gatorade to focus on other issues at hand. We find that their in-house manufacturing is critical for meeting short lead times. They have done several projects over the past 6 years and we have not been disappointed. They have a consistent front to our teams and rarely turnover employees. The one variable that Lingo demonstrates that sticks out above many other suppliers in this industry is trust, when you turnover a project we know it will meet our tough cost, service, timing and quality standards. When I meet with our Marketing and Sales team I have 100% confidence that we will complete any initiative done with Lingo the way it is intended."

    Charlie Shikany
    Senior Manager Global Procurement
  • "Service is number one to me. That's why we use Lingo for our display needs. I would definitely recommend Lingo."

    Dee Ann Caldwell
    Purchasing Agent
    McKee Foods Corporation

  • "Lingo was ready to produce the number of displays we needed per production run to enable us to grow our business comfortably at a reasonable cost."

    Lynn Rothschild Gagnon, Ph. D.
    Former President
    Mustela - Pourquoi Pas, Inc.

  • "Lingo's quality and superior service enables McCormick to be exceptionally true to our slogan, 'Quality Is Our Signature.'"

    Tina Petro
    Sales Planning
    McCormick & Company, Inc.